Cleanstream Double Bulb Enema System
Make enema play more enjoyable with the CleanStream Silicone Double Bulb Nozzle. Each bulb is controlled by its own pump, allowing you to vary the size of each as desired. Simply insert the first bulb into your anus and leave the second one out. Doing this will create a seal, ensuring that any fluid inserted (up to 3500ml) will remain inside until you wish to let it out. Get cleansed and a good fill with this great new enema piece! Size Total Length: 22 End Bulb Length: Approx 3.75 Circumference: 9.5 when pumped to max size Mid Bulb Length: Approx 2 Circumference: 9.5 when pumped to max size
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Manufacturer: Xr Llc
UPC: 848518012449
Weight: 0.5000 ounces
Height: 2 inches
Width: 6.5 inches
Length: 10.75 inches
List price: $169.81
Our price: $113.21

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